Since their foundation, the role of universities in society has changed over time. Their first role was to preserve the culture and knowledge. Over time, the interaction with institutions outside universities has increased considerably. The linkages between universities and industry have changed in the form and in the intensity of the interaction. After the first role of the university – teaching, the second role evolved. But, nowadays new roles are also expected from universities – in terms of relationships and entrepreneurship. So, universities of today have to find the appropriate balance between teaching, research (basic and applied) and entrepreneurship.

The Collaborative and Open Innovation All4R&D Platform offers the following services to Universities:

    • Having access to at least 50 courses created on needs analysis of industry
    • E-learning with innovative learner-centered pedagogical approaches
    • Staying in touch about the newest trends and cutting-edge technologies
    • Creating new partnerships
    • Submitting or finding research proposals
    • Discovering new funding possibilities
    • Conducting joint research projects

Effects and Benefits from using the platform are:

Participation in joint research projects

New publications and co-authorship

Mobility of staff and students

Long term cooperation with real sector

Creation and sharing of new knowledge

Local and regional development

Availability of new funding

Curriculum co-design, co-development, and co-delivery