Collaboration with universities allows companies to acquire new knowledge that can improve their organisational performance and competitiveness. Research projects, technology transfer, research consultancies are all different forms of university-industry collaboration.  When university and industry collaborate in an innovation project, they create a collaborative unit that can be considered as one innovative enterprise with its own ‘strategic control’ and ‘organizational integration’ as some of the key social concepts.

The Collaborative and Open Innovation All4R&D Platform offers the following services to Universities:

    • Having possibility to be a part of innovation actions
    • Have access to the latest strategic policies in different countries
    • Creating new partnerships
    • Submitting or finding research proposals
    • Discovering new funding possibilities
    • Conducting joint research projects
    • Having access to courses created on needs-analysis of the industry

Effects and Benefits from using the platform are:

Commercialisation of innovation

Applicable and practical solutions relevant for everyday operations

Mobility of professionals

Joint research projects

Creation of new knowledge

New services or products

Possibilities for new funding

Curriculum co-design, co-development, and co-delivery

Increased competitiveness

Access to new technologies and new markets