Seismic Resilience Research and Development Unit NUACA & YeTRI

Partner organisations

  • Union of Architects of Armenia,
  • Yerevan Telecommunication Research Institute,
  • Innovative Education Foundation

Country: Armenia


Main activities of the Seismic Resilience Research and Development Unit at NUACA are focused on:

  • Conducting research in the sphere of sensor based construction health monitoring, digital techniques for construction safety, wireless sensor network systems,  Internet of Things (IoT), with integration to Building Information Models(BIM)
  • Establishment of fruitful and successful academy
  • Industry cooperation through research and development.

Type of Services

Services of the Seismic Resilience Research and Development Unit are:

  • Research projects
  • Applicative Research projects
  • International projects
  • National projects
  • Professional courses (LLL courses)


Human resources (staff)

Head of the Seismic Resilience Research and Development Unit is Doctor, Professor Tigran Dadayan. The Unit consists of a Research Unit lead by PhD, Associate Professor Lusine Karapetyan, an International-development Unit lead by PMP, Assistant Professor Gohar Avetisyan, Educational Unit lead by Doctor, Professor Mher Markosyan and Marketing-promotion Specialist Nelly Harutyunyan. SRRDU has one laboratory assistant. SRRDU employs Faculty staff members, based on current needs.


SRRDU uses the space of Institute of Faculty of Construction, the Chair of Building Structures  where it is set.


The obtained equipment will be used and for research and for educational purposes. Equipment such as Schmidt hammer, digital impact hammer, three components velocity sensors, three components acceleration sensors, recorder of vibration periods, platform of horizontal vibration will allow to carry out scientific and experimental researches about building structures and forĀ  students and for Industry. Moreover, it will make possible to cooperate with different design and construction companies for conducting research projects. The full list of equipment can be foundĀ here.

Contact person of the Cooperative R&D Unit

Tigran Dadayan (,
Gohar Avetisyan (

Address of the Cooperative R&D Unit

105 Teryan Street, 0009, Yerevan, Armenia

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