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Reinforced Earth


The construction of infrastructure facilities on the very soft ground often requires the application of soil improvement techniques aimed at increasing the load-bearing capacity and stiffness of the foundation medium. Soil improvement can be performed by introducing different types of geosynthetics embedded in granular replacement soil. The surface load applied at the improved soil material can be simulated in experiments and numerical models by the equivalent static load with appropriate magnitude and dimension. The reinforced earth technology is used widely throughout the world as well as in local practice (highways and other road infrastructure facilities), with the advantage of low cost and simple construction.


  • Education of the staff of the R&D Center and engineers from partner companies in the application of reinforced earth as relatively new and challenging geotechnical structure, including work in-situ in geo-lab and numerical modelling;
  • Transfer of knowledge to students interested in writing master theses related to experimental and numerical investigation;
  • Application of reinforced earth as a solution for different geotechnical problems in the field of infrastructure facilities construction.


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