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“Partizan” sport grounds rehabilitation project


Conservation of historic building is a worldwide activity for over two centuries, but ethics, principles and methods are constantly being improved and questioned. This is specially case after devastating events like earthquake or war.  Ruined buildings in historic urban core of the city, exposed to weather conditions throughout years are, regrettably, still reality in Mostar. They present a serious threat to the safety as well as to the loss of the identity of the city. Their conservation / rehabilitation is sensitive issue from many aspects, including structural engineering that has to provide answers regarding its structural durability, possibilities for new uses and to suggest a sound conservation / rehabilitation approach.

The diagnosis, design, selection of products, and execution of conservation works need to be adjusted to the type of historic building, its values and protection measurements – constrains.

Main aim of the project is to test methodologies and standards on diagnosis and conservation of historical structures, based on the needs and condition of the individual building / case study – Partizan sport grounds. The project will be implemented at Centre for Research at Dzemal Bijedic University of Mostar, Faculty of Civil Engineering.


Developed methodology for diagnosis of historic buildings, selection of products and methods for conservation works taking into consideration condition and heritage values of the individual building,

Developed model for diagnosis and conservation approaches for historic buildings with similar heritage values, constrains and building material.

Project proposal for overall restoration and adaptation to a new use of the complex,

Project proposal for conservation works based on diagnosis,

Three master theses:

  • Architectural approach – reconstruction and repair work of the complex (overall restoration)
  • Structural approach – diagnosis, conservation principles and methods, adequate materials for conservation works – work with industry sector
  • Architectural approach- create a Risk Management Plan with proper preservation strategy for the building


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