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Designing an Appropriate Alarm System for Monitoring the Condition of Reservoir Dams


Within the scope of Research Project 2 (offered by YeTRI) sensors are supposed to be installed on the reservoir dam (stronghold), the data of which will be sent to the appropriate centres for processing. As a result of the development, it will be determined which dam is in danger, and the information about the danger will be sent to the surrounding units. Appropriate groups may be sent to eliminate the emergency situation. This research project envisages system design and testing through using sensors. The scope of the research project will include researchers from the relevant Chairs of NUACA, master and postgraduate students, as well as researchers from YeTRI under the leadership of M. Markosyan.


Environmental problem-solving chain, determination of river flow, determination of ecological condition of lakes and reservoirs, planning of new reservoirs, their construction and operation, use of rational water resources. The project aims at automation of water management systems based on fixed, mobile data exchange and processing networks having significant scientific, technical and economic significance.
The project outcomes can be general information system that integrates most or all of the water monitoring facilities in the area, system of automatic water quality monitoring bases, remote monitoring system, and water support management decision-making system of the region.


ALL 4RDDesigning an Appropriate Alarm System for Monitoring the Condition of Reservoir Dams