R&D Units

Creating more strategic industry-university partnerships would substantially improve Europe’s climate for innovation. The agenda for the modernisation of Europe’s higher-education systems has made it a priority to strengthen the links between higher education, research and business to drive innovation.

It is proven that structural conditions, formal and informal incentive systems, norms for internal and external collaboration are crucial for learning and innovation processes. Different forms of collaboration between university and industry require different support structures and motivation mechanisms. Having this in mind we developed the 4 R&D Units in Armenia and Bosnia and Herzegovina. The Cooperative R&D Units support the establishing academia-industry alliances and maximising the benefits from these partnerships. The Units enhance the capacities of universities and companies in B&H and Armenia to conduct joint research projects and increase the chances for participating in project funded by third-party funds.

Our motivation was the understanding that when companies and universities work in tandem they can push the frontiers of knowledge, and become a powerful engine for innovation and economic growth.

The Cooperative R&D Units are positioned as an intermediary body that is bringing together universities and industry, with the role to develop sustainable and innovative solutions, enhance career progress and employability of students, and increase the investments in science by the business sector.

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R&D Unit UNSA & WP
R&D Unit UNMO & HP

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