NPUA/IIAP Cooperative R&D Unit

Partner organisations

  • General industry partner – Institute for Informatics and Automation Problems of the National Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Armenia (IIAP)
  • Brusov State University
  • AIT (AviaInfoTel) Systems CJSC
  • rBlox LLC (RINArmenia)
  • Compass LLC

Country: Armenia


Research field – Educational and Research Application of Digital Technologies

Outcome – Truly universal innovative zone designed to provide a convenient and effective opportunity of digitalisation of modern research and development for almost all fields of engineering

Type of Services

  • Dedicated trainings in digitalization and digital toolkits
  • Multi-stage consultations in the field of digital technologies upon request
  • Cooperative research projects in various fields of engineering
  • Contract research projects in the field of digital technologies
  • Hosting of internships for bachelor, master and doctoral students of NPUA and other universities


Human resources (staff)

As human resources of the Unit are involved NPUA permanent staff members, including:

Marketing and Promotion Manager (Head of the R&D Unit), Education

Manager, Consultancy Manager, Research Manager, as well as responsible persons for each of the four labs. In addition, on a temporary basis are attracted research projects groups members and, if necessary, representatives of the IIAP


Facilities of the Unit include Management Office and 4 labs (Open-Source Software Lab, Modeling and Digital Content Lab, Machine Learning Lab, Cybersecurity Lab) covering over 250 m2

Address of the Cooperative R&D Unit

3-d Floor, Building 5, 105 Teryan Str., Yerevan, Armenia, 0009

developerNPUA/IIAP Cooperative R&D Unit