Cooperative R&D Unit Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina UNSA & WP

Partner organisations

  • University of Sarajevo – Faculty of Civil Engineering
  • Winner Project d.o.o. Sarajevo

Country: Bosnia and Herzegovina


Research and Development Center at the Faculty of Civil Engineering University of Sarajevo has been founded during Erasmus capacity building project ALL4R&D (All for research and development), 2018-22, cofounded by EU, consisting of 13 partners, universities and industrial companies, coming from six countries: North Macedonia, Germany, Finland, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Armenia and Austria. The main goal of the project is to encourage, develop and support strategic alliances academia-industry.

R&D Centre collaborate with a wide spectra of industry partners. They come from various sector, most of them from building industry, such as construction companies, design companies, consulting companies, IT-companies etc. Some of them are involved in more different activities, including laboratories and research activities as well. Important foundations for the establishing of R&D Centre were previous activities of the Institute for Structures and Materials of the Faculty of Civil Engineering in Sarajevo.

Type of Services

The main activities are: research projects, with the intention that the majority of the new proposals come from the industry, teaching activities, mainly through LLL-courses, design and consulting projects in close cooperation with the partners from industry and development sector, tests on structural components upon the demand from construction and consulting companies.


Human resources (staff)

  • Professors, assistants, technicians and administrative staff (permanent staff of the R&D Centre)
  • Engineers and supporting staff from the industry partners (engagement according to specific project needs and industry partner interests)
  • Students of Master and Doctoral studies (will be included according to research project needs)


R&D Centre Sarajevo can dispose of all premises at the Institute for material and Structures, faculty of Civil Engineering in Sarajevo, including large scale and small equipment. The Building consist of central experimental hall with 50 KN crane, surrounded by smaller labs, offices and teaching rooms (see illustrations below).


Purchased equipment is for structural health monitoring.

The obtained equipment will be used and for research and for educational purposes.

The full list of equipment can be found here.

Link to website (url link)

Contact person of the Cooperative R&D Unit

Doc. Dr. Senad Medić,

Address of the Cooperative R&D Unit

R&D Center at the Faculty of Civil Engineering University of Sarajevo
Institute for Materials and Structures
Stjepana Tomića 5
71000 Sarajevo
Bosnia and Herzegovina

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