Centre for Research UNMO & HP

Partner organisations

  • “Urbana kuća – IDEAA” Mostar
  • Društvo za sportsku rekreaciju i fizičko vaspitanje Partizan Mostar
  • Football club Velež Mostar
  • ARHI PLUS Mostar
  • Inženjerska Komora Federacije Bosne i Hercegovine/Chamber of Engineers of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Agency “Stari grad” Mostar

Country: Bosnia and Herzegovina


Main activities of the Centre for Research (CR) at UNMO are focused on:

  • Improvement of research capacities and capabilities, facilities, infrastructure and administrative support for research at the Faculty of Civil engineering,
  • Helping students to be prepared for constant changing market by teaching them how to search for solution instead to teach them what solution is,
  • Establishment of fruitful and successful academy – industry cooperation through research and development.

Type of Services

Services of Centre for Research (CR) are:

  • Research projects
  • Applicative Research projects
  • International projects
  • National projects
  • Professional courses (LLL courses)



CR uses the space of Institute of Faculty of Civil Engineering, where it is set.

Human resources (staff)

Head of the CR is prof.dr. Merima Šahinagić – Isović. The Center consists of a Research Unit lead by prof.dr. Mili Selimotić, a Development Unit lead by ass.prof.dr. Marko Ćećez and Educational Unit lead by prof.dr. Merima Šahinagić – Isović. CR has two laboratory assistants. CR employs Faculty staff members, based on current needs.


Purchased equipment is for mortar and concrete laboratory and in-situ testing. The full list of equipment can be found here.

Contact person of the Cooperative R&D Unit

Merima Salčin (Merima.salcin@unmo.ba)

Address of the Cooperative R&D Unit

Sjeverni logor b.b., 88000 Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina

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