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Promoting the Project Activities and ABC Questionnaires National Dissemination Event in Sarajevo

The meeting was opened by the Dean of the Faculty of Civil Engineering. Prof Mustafa Hrasnica present All4R & D Project.
Several successful projects that were realized through a cooperation between academia and industry were shown. Significant number of participants participated in the discussion. Informal gatherings and cocktails were held.
National event at the Faculty of Civil Engineering in Sarajevo aroused great interest among colleagues. Participants came from various sectors: construction, design and planning, building materials production, research, teaching, representatives from planning authorities and students. Obviously, the topic Alliance between Industry and Academia (University) is a full hit. After the presentations given by the representatives from the Faculty and company Winner project, Erasmus partner from Sarajevo in ALL4R&D, colleagues from different sectors took part in the discussions. They emphasized various problems or open questions, especially some gaps between teaching and practice. Implementation of European standards Eurocodes for Civil Engineering in Bosnia and Herzegovina was also one of the key points. It was stated that buildings companies must be more involved in research, performed at the universities. The topics of master and doctoral thesis should be more connected to the practical engineering tasks, especially complex ones. Inclusion of experts from industry in teaching and research activities at the universities would be challenge and benefit for the both sides. On the other hand, more engagement of the university professors in engineering practice is welcomed as well.

Ana TomikjPromoting the Project Activities and ABC Questionnaires National Dissemination Event in Sarajevo